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Stamp Size: 36" x 36"

Set Includes:
3 Black Stamps
3 Gray Stamps
3 Orange Stamps
3 Red Stamps
1 Floppy Stamp
1 Touch Up Skin



The Castel Rock pattern from Deco-Crete creates a realistic random stone pattern. The rough stone texture and variety of stone sizes make Castle Rock an easy choice if you’re searching for an old-world look on new concrete. Each of the four stamps has its own unique grout line pattern to create a random look across the slab. Reference lines on the back of the stamps mirror the grout lines on the bottom. Castle Rock stamps work on freshly placed concrete or stampable overlays. Deco-Crete recommends the Ancient Stone texture skins as touch-up tools for this pattern.

  • 36”x36” Stamps

  • Rough stone texture

  • 4 different stamps in the set to create a random look

  • Color-coded for easy identification

  • Reference lines on the back of the stamps are a mirror image of the grout lines

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