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Set Includes:
4 Large (48"x48") Stamps
1 Half (48""x24") Stamp
1 Touch Up Skin


The Ancient Stone Seamless stamps from Deco-Crete creates a seamless stone texture on new concrete. This one-of-a-kind texture was derived from natural rock formations found in the hills of Pennsylvania. The stamps can be rotated when placed to create the most random texture possible. The skins are equipped with handles on the back for easy placement. Deco-Crete recommends using the Shock Stopper Tamper  with all stamping tools for the best results. The seamless skins will work on freshly placed concrete or stampable overlays.

  • Available

  • 48"x48", 48"x24", 24"x24"

  • One-of-a-kind stone texture derived from the hills of Pennsylvania

  • Handles on the back of skins for easy placement

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