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Approx. 250 – 350 sq. ft. per Gal.


1 Gal. Jug | 5 Gal. Pail | 55 Gal. Drum


D-One is a non-yellowing, low sheen, acrylic & penetrating sealer all in one. Formulated to enhance color which creates a beautiful natural look perfect for stamped concrete. D-One’s unique formula provides superior protection from water intrusion, salt damage caused by de-icing salts & salt water pool systems, as well as protection from stains caused by water runoff, leaves, rust, & oil. All of this in an easy to use formula with little to no potential of bubbling, leading to less call backs, less hassle, & happier customers.

  • No bubbles, less callbacks, less hassle

  • Easy to use & long lasting Acrylic & Penetrating Sealer all in one

  • Superior protection against salt damage, water intrusion, & stains

  • Non-yellowing siloxane modified methyl methacrylate

  • Low VOC formula to meet EPA AIM regulations within most of the U.S. & Canada for concrete cure & seals

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