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First Coat
Approx. 100 sq. ft. per Kit

Second Coat
Approx. 100 – 150 sq. ft. per Kit


40 oz. Kit


RockTop WB Gloss is a high gloss, two-component water based aliphatic polyurethane with excellent color enhancement properties. WB Gloss Urethane has excellent adhesion and hardness properties as well as abrasion, stain and chemical resistance. Rocktop WB is low VOC and low odor conrete countertop sealer.

  • Low viscosity allows for excellent substrate wetting & penetration

  • Provides superior resistance to many common chemicals, food & beverages

  • Excellent abrasion resistance that rivals many solvent based products

  • Gloss finish & low odor make this ideal for many interior applications

  • VOC compliant for most areas in the United States & Canada

Poly Armour, Liquid Metals, & any other 2-Part Product sold by Deco-Crete Supply is intended for certified professional contractor use only. The installer must have completed our training for the specific system being used. Any person or business that chooses to forgo certified contractor installation and attempts to install these products on a “do it yourself” basis is fully responsible for any mishaps &/or failure of the system during & after the installation process.

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