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Approx. 50 sq. ft. per Gal.


5 Gal. Pail


A single component modified polyurethane that can be used over concrete, wood subfloor & metal prior to application of any Deco-Crete coating or overlay system.

  • Flexible & waterproof isolation layer from subfloor to coating

  • Easy to use, self leveling underlayment

  • Cost effective way to treat wood subfloor

  • No need for metal lathe

Poly Armour, Liquid Metals, & any other 2-Part Product sold by Deco-Crete Supply is intended for certified professional contractor use only. The installer must have completed our training for the specific system being used. Any person or business that chooses to forgo certified contractor installation and attempts to install these products on a “do it yourself” basis is fully responsible for any mishaps &/or failure of the system during & after the installation process.

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