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1 Bag per Bag Mix


Approx. 1/2lb. Bags


Deco-Crete Mini Yard Pack System™ is an easy to use, pre-measured, & pre-packaged color system designed for use in gray cementitious overlays & gray concrete countertop mixes. Mini Yard Pack™ is UV stable & produces uniform & streak free color dispersion. Just one Mini Yard Pack™ per gray bag mix means no more wasted time measuring or stressing over accuracy. The system is available in 30 distinct colors & is compatible with Deco-Crete Stamp & Trowel Overlays, & the Deco-Crete DuraCast GFRC System™. Formulated to match Deco-Crete’s Yard Pack™ & Granular Color System.

  • Available in 30 colors

  • Designed for use in Deco-Crete Stamp Overlay, Trowel Overlay, & the DuraCast GFRC System™

  • One Mini Yard Pack™ per bag mix

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