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Varies depending on if it's being used with DuraCast Backer Mix or DuraCast Face Mix


5 Gal. Pail


Deco-Crete DuraCast Modifier is a water-based, all acrylic co-polymer for use in the DuraCast GFRC System™. DuraCast Modifier eliminates the need for a seven day wet cure period & allows you to demold your pieces in as little as 24 hrs. DuraCast Modifier also reduces or eliminates crazing & spider cracking. The DuraCast GFRC System™ has 30 integral colors available & unlimited design possibilities giving you creative freedom with all your projects. Stronger & more flexible than traditional concrete at half the weight & thickness.

  • Ready to use formula for Duracast Face & Backer Mix

  • Demold in as little as 24 hours

  • Stronger than traditional concrete at half the weight & thickness

  • Reduces Crazing & Spider Cracking

  • 30 Integral Colors Available with Mini Yard Pack System™

  • Unlimited Design Possibilities

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