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Standard Coverage
Approx. 7 sq. ft. @ 3/4" Thick

Edge Coverage
Approx. 15 linear ft. @ 2"x 2"


40lb. Bag


A cementitious blend of materials that, when mixed with DuraCast Modifier, forms a highly durable dense structural layer. Has a broad range of mix ratios & gives the installer the ability to hand pack or apply using a spray gun to handle both horizontal & vertical applications.

  • Designed to be cast upside down and used in conjunction with DuraCast Modifier & DuraCast Face Mix

  • Demold in as little as 24 hours

  • Stronger & denser than traditional concrete at half the weight

  • Reduced crazing & spider cracking

  • Easy to manipulate.

  • 30 integral colors available with the Mini Yard Pack System™ 

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